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Earth Bags

Why Earth Bags?

  • Earth Bags are biodegradable - they break down within 45 days
  • Earth Bags produce 20% less carbon emissions than green bags - in turn they assist companies to reduce their overall carbon footprint
  • Earth Bags have no harmful chemicals
  • Earth Bags are highly functional - can carry 25kg, come in numerous sizes and shapes and last up to two years

Earth Bags degrade in all environmental conditions ranging from wet to dry. This bag is biologically active, giving availability for vertebrae and other organisms to digest the bags even in a marine environment due to their unique attributes. While the bag degrades it actually acts as a bio fertiliser and compost agent. These qualities we understand to be a world first.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of polypropylene (Green) and plastic bags. We believe that everyone shares responsibility for this issue – from the plastic bag manufacturers and importers who sell the bags, shop keepers who give them away, to the customers who use them.


Earth Bags Australia has commissioned Murdoch University to study and compare our carbon footprint. More >


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