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The Evidence

To date, two independent research studies have been conducted on the Earth Bag:

Carbon Footprint Analysis of a Retail Paper Shopping Bag - The Earth Bag

By Dr Martin Anda, David Goodfield, Joanne Stewart, Les Westerlund:Murdoch University (July 2010)

Key finding:

The Earth Bag produces approx 20% less carbon emissions during manufacture and disposal.

Biodegradability of “Earth Bag”, an Alternative to Non-Degradable “Green Bags”

By Dr Jaya Nair and Dr Martin Anda (November 2010)

Key finding:

Day 7 – in compost: Earth Bags became weaker and could be ripped apart

Day 21 – in compost: Earth Bags started falling apart when taken out for inspection

Day 35 – in compost: Earth Bags degraded completely and become part of the substrate


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