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Earth Bags - Australian First

Style Voyeur on 18 August 2011

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Australia's first biodegradable reusable bag launches

Spice on 18 August 2011

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Ethical Bags for the Eco-friendly shopper

Scoop on 15 August 2011

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Australia's First Biodegradable Reusable Bag

File on Style on 17 August, 2011

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Earth Bags - Australia's First!

Beauty and Lace on 23 August 2011

Earth Bags are Australia's first biodegradable bag! They are a stylish, ethical and environmentally aware bag that are sure to set new standards for reusable products in Australia. Read full article here

Ethically Sound Earth Bags

Bare essentials - By ACTION ADVISOR on 16 August 2011

Earth Bags Australia launched a new stylish, ethical bag yesterday, that's destined to change the face of reusable products in Western Australia. Read full article here.

Following the launch of the Earth Bag on Monday 15 August, Earthbags Australia's Managing Director Reg Ferguson talks to ABC South East NSW Radio about the problems green bags are causing for the environment and how the Earth Bag offers a sustainable solution for the future.

Breaking Campaign: Earthbags Australia Launches Biodegradable Bag

By Madeleine Ross on 19 August 2011 - B&T

Earth Bags Australia has launched a promotional campaign to spike interest in their new fully biodegradable, reusable bags. Read full article here

Earth Bags Australia has commissioned Murdoch University to study and compare our carbon footprint. More >


Green bags are made from petroleum products - over time there is a risk of chemical leaching into our water systems... Our solution - Earth Bags More>